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Special Needs Attorney

Charles Branton’s experience with special needs law isn’t just professional—it’s personal. Branton is the proud father of a special needs son named Alan. His experience parenting Alan gives Charles firsthand knowledge of how important proper legal procedures are in protecting and serving special needs individuals. Charles Branton feels personally connected to the legal issues that affect special needs children.

Unfortunately, the parents of special needs children must often face-off against public and private institutions regarding the rights of their children. Whether it’s obtaining a classroom aid for your school-age child or setting up a trust to support an adult child long after you’re gone, Charles Branton understands your situation on a personal level and has the knowledge and drive to help.

Let Charles Branton utilize his 30+ years in special needs law to help you secure the benefits your child needs and deserves. Branton Law Firm will ensure that your loved ones with special needs receive a lifetime of care, companionship, and financial security.


Salley v. St. Tammany School Board


Branton Law Firm represented the Salley family in the seminal case, Salley v. St. Tammany School Board, wherein the school board did not properly comply with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Branton Law Firm fought hard to ensure the Salley family and their minor daughter received justice, and successfully called for the school board to review – and ultimately reverse – their violation of this important act.

Contact Branton Law Firm today to receive respectful, sensitive, and aggressive legal aid for your special needs loved one.


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