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Throughout his decades of practicing law, Charles Branton has always held fast to the fundamental belief that one man can – and should – make a difference. Charles holds himself and his practice to a higher standard, and approaches every client with honesty and integrity. Drawing from strongly held moral beliefs, as well as from his extensive and diverse legal experience, Charles is able to provide personalized and effective legal assistance to each and every client.

Charles Branton’s legal career started in 1985, where immediately after graduating from Loyola Law School he entered a prestigious clerkship with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. Branton’s eponymous law firm was established in Slidell, Louisiana shortly thereafter in 1989. Branton’s commitment to the Northshore community continues today, with two firm locations in Slidell and Mandeville.

Charles Branton’s 30 years of experience, coupled with his long track record of awards and successes, evidence his tireless commitment to his clients. A dedicated family man and father of six, Charles considers his clients as part of the family and treats them as such. Contact Branton Law Firm for a complimentary consultation and you will speak directly with Charles Branton. This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of choosing a small, community-oriented practice like Branton Law Firm: truly personalized service.


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