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Child Support Legal Representation

You can’t raise a child on love alone. It takes financial support to give your child the best you can offer, from a solid education to healthy food and clean clothes. If you’ve gone through a divorce or other situation that requires child support, you want to get every penny possible to ensure a bright future for your child. Similarly, the prompt and consistent payment of child support is one way that you as a parent can assist your child in getting through the difficult times that accompany divorce and separation.

Should you be seeking more child support?

Is your ex spouse in violation of the existing support agreement?

Is your child owed support payments that never seem to arrive?

Child support is designed to take care of the child’s basic needs after a divorce. Louisiana legislature takes support issues seriously, and has created specific tables and statutes to properly determine payment amounts. These instruments take into account each parent’s income (or earning potential), as well as the cost of daycare, tuition, books, school fees, medical or dental insurance, extracurricular activities, and many other factors. It is a complicated process, to say the least; but Branton Law Firm can guide you through it.

Attorney Charles Branton has an impeccable reputation in the Greater New Orleans and Covington family law communities, and for good reason. Whether you’re paying, receiving, or negotiating child support, Charles Branton utilizes his 30+ years of legal experience dealing with child support issues to provide detailed advice every step of the way. His goal is to ensure the best possible financial arrangement for your child, while protecting your assets in the process.

Need a quick primer on child support laws in our state? Read Charles Branton’s blog post, “FAQ: How is Child Support Determined in Louisiana?

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